Your Privacy

On my About page I mentioned how my parents were kind of big on privacy. They really weren’t that outgoing… which might have been a result of how regularly they moved around. (which had started before I was born) as well as being, I think, partly a cultural thing. In any case, once I was a factor in things, I think that actually narrowed their range somewhat. Maybe they hoped I’d have an easier time making friends within the same general region, I’m not sure.

This kind of upbringing impressed the notion of “personal space” onto me, as well as a general appreciation for my own privacy being respected. It goes without saying that I won’t ever give out anybody’s email address, or any other personal information that I might happen to learn in the course of any casual correspondence. I welcome comments and feedback (and even criticism, I’m not always right!) but I’ll never share anything that anybody sends me with anyone else.

That goes doubly for lists of personal information, email addresses, et al. I find that kind of behavior abhorrent, and I would be disgusted if it were to happen to me personally.

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